New CD "SPIN IT" Released March 18!
Visit NoisyGhostPR for details
Our music is featured in the upcoming political thriller The Algerian
Appearing at the Soho International Film Festival May 15-22.
Spin It is featured on the current episode of MINDSET CENTRAL RADIO
Super fun interview on Chords and Vines, you may need to call a cab.

"The Forty Nineteens have once again produced a stellar record that is easily one of the best of the year.” - Oklahoma Lefty
"Latest effort “Spin It” is flat-out terrific and mixes elements of punk, pop, rock and Americana into a tasty stew." - Pittsburgh In Tune
"Straddling the line somewhere between Pop-Punk, Americana, and just plain Rock & Roll, Spin It mixes it up just enough to create a funky, yet classic sounding album.” - Surviving the Golden Age
"rank these guys up there with some of my other hometown heroes , The Iron City House Rockers, The Silencers and The Cynics" 50thirdand3rd
"They’ve made a classic-sounding album: a whiskey sour made with The Makers and Copper Blue Sugar.” - Independent Clauses
“The guys in the The Forty Nineteens offer punchy music that fits somewhere in that territory between Elvis Costello and The Replacements.” - Baby Sue
"A clear cut case of taking the best and leaving the rest, these nostalgia revisionists are shaping their sound for now. Smart contemporary pop throughout.” - Midwest Record
"This disc was good from start to finish."  Daggerzine
Order physical disc of "SPIN IT" and "No Expiration Date" at Kool Kat Music 

For a free download of our current single "Modern Romance' click HERE, thanks!

Thanks to all who came to The Fixx show at Weins Family Cellars.

and the Gin Blossoms show at Monte De Oro Winery

John with Wally Palmar of The Romantics and Mike Peters of The Alarm

Oklahoma Lefty has us at # 19 in his TOP 30 of 2012!

No Expiration Date: The Little Lighthouse top 20 albums of 2012

 Power Pop Action! (Madrid) ranks us #81 in their 'Top 100 Albums of 2012'

Listed at #119 for their top of 2012!!

Nick is honored to be included in this fantastic tribute to Pittsburgh Music

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